01/ What is the role of the parent in online learning?
The parent(s) should consult with the student's guidance counselor to determine if an online course is a good alternative to traditional learning. Parents should assist the student by encouraging active participation in the course, completing assignments in a timely manner, and monitoring progress.

02/ How does a student or parent communicate with the teacher?
Rockdale Virtual Campus teachers are available to talk to students and parents via email or telephone. The Rockdale Virtual Campus School Coordinator maintains contact with someone at the student's school and/or a parent updates on progress and discuss appropriate support and encouragement if a student appears to be falling behind.

03/ How is homework submitted?
Students submit all homework electronically. Students will need to know how to save files to a disk or hard drive in order to complete this process. Students should maintain a copy of all homework on their personal computer. No homework assignments will be accepted after the Final Exam or Milestone Test is administered.

04/ How are tests taken?
Quizzes/tests are taken online and automatically recorded in the gradebook so the student is aware of progress within the course. All final exams and End of Course tests are proctored in a face-to-face setting. Students must bring proof of identification (driver's license, student identification card or yearbook) to be admitted to the testing session.

05/ How many hours a week should a student work on the course?
Rockdale Virtual Campus students are expected to attend and participate in their online education courses as fully as they would attend and participate in a traditional classroom course. At a minimum, students are required to login and perform work in their online education courses at least 4-5 times a week, dispersed throughout the week, for approximately 5-10 hours a week for a .5 unit course (.5 Carnegie Unit course) and 10-15 hours a week for a 1.0 unit semester course during Fall and Spring terms.

06/ May a student repeat a course?
Due to State Guidelines, a student may only repeat a course if a failing grade was received.

07/ Are we NCAA compliant?
Legal Disclaimer: The list of NCAA courses, and courses contained within, are maintained as a guide for prospective student-athletes seeking NCAA initial-eligibility. The list of approved courses does not, nor is intended to, signify accreditation, certification, approval, or endorsement of any high school or specific courses by the NCAA of NCAA Eligibility Center and is subject to change at any time and without notice. Core course information included on this Web site is provided for guidance purposes only and should not be solely relied on as an indication of NCAA initial-eligibility. Certification of a prospective student-athlete is case-specific, and the Eligibility Center has the authority to determine in its sole discretion whether the prospective student-athlete has met all criteria.

08/ What is the cost of taking an online course?
Online courses which take the place of a traditional class during the regular school day are free of charge. Tuition may apply for additional course credits and summer courses. Please call for current tuition information. RVC offers no refunds.

09/ How many courses can students take?
Students may take any required classes as a part of their normal class schedule tuition-free. These courses must be taken as part of the regular school day and scheduled with the local school counselor. Students may take classes each term (fall, spring, and summer) in addition to their regular school schedule on a tuition basis. This may be comprised of two .5 credit courses or one 1.0 (block) credit course.

10/ Is there a limit to the number of students in a Rockdale Virtual Campus course?
Class size is limited to 20-25 students, depending on the course. Rockdale Virtual Campus courses are based on a classroom model and differ in many ways from independent study courses. Each section has a single teacher for the duration of the course. In addition to teacher-to-student interaction, Rockdale Virtual Campus emphasizes teacher to student and student-to-student interaction.

11/ Can students who do not live in Rockdale County enroll in RVC?
Yes, students may request to enroll and take classes in the RVC program. Please contact RVC administration for more information.
TEL: 770-388-5677, x31177

12/ What are the requirements?
The basic technical requirements for taking part in RVC include the following:
     - Access to a computer / tablet
     - Internet Connectivity
     - Microsoft Office or compatible package to complete assignments
     - Some classes require the use of a microphone
     - Ability for transportation to required face-to-face labs, testing, and meeting times.

Transportation Disclaimer: RCPS does not provide any transportation for required face-to-face meetings.